Highschool: Part 2

So previously you noticed the guy whose good at everything. You’re far from being good at everything so you’re like hey why not follow what he does and I’ll be like him? 

He’s a natural beast at academics and you just skim the surface. You remember that he stays up to study so you stay up too, after every 30 minutes you tip toe over to his keyhole to check if he’s sleeping, If he’s sleeping then you’ll go to sleep too, if he’s not, and he’s still studying, well then, of course you’ll keep studying, you wake up the next morning feeling accomplished, you have someone to follow and he’s way above you. Over time of coooooouuuuuuurrse you’ll level..of coooooooouuuurse you’ll be as hot at academics and lethal at sports. Race is the barrier though šŸ¤” The guy is a Taylor lautner lookalike and you, well you don’t look like any celebrity to be proud of at all. 

Anyway, you’re walking back from breakfast with your long time friend. You open up to him about your midnight graft and he looks at you like dude are you fucking serious? What the shit are you doing . You’ll never be him so can you just do you? I look at him with awe. Mate, I don’t want to be him, I just want to improve.  Cause evidently working on me by meself hasn’t been doing me much good.

Stay tuned for part 3 when the Taylor Lautner lookalike finally catches you out šŸ™„


I’ve had enough of it. All the superficial friendships with the easy smiles and casual laughs. Meanwhile behind your back, the same guy is plotting your end. Decided to branch out on my own. Watched a couple movies, got betrayed a couple of a couple times~Woke up one morning like Damnit no. Society, Fuck off. Opinions- go die. Friends- who needs them?  I was like dude you can be a  Lone Ranger. Work alone. For your own. By your own. Ohhhhhh. Then things started crossing. Can’t escape the guy code. If your   Close girl friend is being played you need to watch it happen. Yes, she’s being strung along as though the future is happy daisy. You only know too well that after a smash or two she’s going out the window. Stop. What’s the right thing to do? Well man, of course you need to tell her no stop, before your heart gets broken. Wait. You forgot one thing. If you’re being real to her you’re being fake to the guys. And if you’re being fake to the guys, well then your whole life is fake as far as they’re concerned. 

You’re not a cool kid. You do just well enough to get by. Nobody Comes and says dude you’re awesome. When you get an award, there’s no uproar of applause. It’s just common courtesy. Drake said his life is centered round competition and currency. Okay then you want to compete? You look at yourself and things looks tricky. Oh there’s that guy that’s good at everything. Lemme follow him and see how well that works out….
Next part coming soon 

This one is prose,forgive me if everybody knows

At some point in life we all let ourselves down. Ego is fed, goals are missed by large margins. In our state of disappointment we deny the truth profusely. You didn’t train hard enough but you swear you saw yourself giving it everything. It’s not always our fault that we lose; we’re just not good enough, someone cheated you, or as G-Eazy says , “These things happen” On the outside, we use these excuses so as to seem like victims. Truth is, we hold the trigger to end our careers.Ā Am I better at poetry than prose or do I just fancy the former? Am I a suck up to the teachers or do I just want to be best learner.
Takes this as a lesson- that things go wrong but you need to stay strong.
Keep it moving, the future is golden-Ed Westwick


She says she’s over him but can’t take him off speed dial. Tries to overlook him but the gaze lingers a while. Doing the same thing over and over again, he says he’s got a plan but he’s said that since way back then. Couple years back, granddad passed away. No tears just a strong face. Acting all up tight but tripping over the shoelace.
Oh Denial-We know you but we act like we don’t, we dodge you but you face us all the same. Deny deny deny .

Daily Prompt

Letter to the supposed oneĀ 

Stolen glances over shoulders, memories roll over like boulders.We’re no longer We. It’s just you then there’s me. 

Assumptions turned to actions now I’m sitting reminiscing.

Gotta double text for a reply but

When you wave I just mutter goodbye 

She’s looking for forever and I’m looking for together.

Two lies we both told to find comfort in each other.
Only solace is knowing you miss knowing me


So I’m new to Word Press and yet to find my feet šŸ¤—The point of my blog is to see how my poetry matches up to that of others globally. I will post poems written by me and quote great writers. 
Happy Reading everyone šŸ¤